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    The actual publication offers methods of estimating sales activity of marketing, depending on its im
    The actual publication offers methods of estimating sales activity of marketing, depending on its impact on economic efficiency, and considers the ways to improve it.
    Keywords: evaluation of marketing sales activity, economic efficiency.
    Victor Caun
        doctor of economics, professor
    Author   Mihail Efimov
    PhD. ASEM
    CHISINAU, 2013

    Effective sales activities can ensure the economic growth of the enterprise. Scientifically-based assessment methodology of the sales activity gives the right direction for the development. The decision on the use of sales channels for the enterprise is important and has a strategic character (for example, the U.S. share of the profits from the sales channels usage ranges from 30% to 50%, while advertising takes 5-7%) [‎7]. The pricing policy for goods or services depends on the choice of sales channels, and they can also lead to long-term liabilities to other companies (e.g. suppliers), to organizing an advertising campaign (advertising goods or intermediary), to the ways of forming a benefit chain. In the actual paper we are going to consider the ways to improve the cost-effectiveness based on the analysis and evaluation of marketing sales activities.
    Economic efficiency is the correlation of useful benefits and costs. [‎6] For different industries, the science has developed a number of specific indicators; in the sphere of trade many authors identify two main indicators (profit and turnover) according to the effect on which we are going to estimate the sales activities. For the better visualization let us imagine the possible combinations of profit and expenditures in the form of a square, where low and high designations are relative values Fig. 1.
    High expenses
    Small profit
    High expenses
    High profit
    Small expenses
    Small profit
    Small expenses
    High profit
    Fig. 1. Profit and expenses
                The author offers a definition: the potential of importance as a correlation of possible (defined on the basis of rational expectations) economic effect of the results of all available resources usage, to the existing economic efficiency.
                We will evaluate each sub-function of sales activity by the potential of importance of the impact on economic performance data. The degree of importance or non-importance we will be finding with the method of expert estimations, in relation to a particular company by the means of testing. The marketing function enhancing the economic efficiency should be effective at that moment when it is required, and therefore it is proposed to introduce the second estimation: urgent and not urgent at the moment.
                On the basis of the marketing sub functions ranking, one can offer to start with implementing the urgent and important, and besides, try to prevent the important becoming urgent in the future.
                Onwards, there is an implementation of the important and not urgent, and not urgent - important, as well as non-important non-urgent should be evaluated to the usefulness of the level of investment. For clarity, we offer to divide a square into four regions, see Fig. 2.

    Fig. 2. The importance and urgency
                The first quadrant of Fig. 1will correspond to the first quadrant of Fig. 2. The second quadrant of Fig. 1will correspond to the second quadrant of Fig. 2. The third quadrant of Fig. 1will correspond to the third quadrant of Fig. 2. The fourth quadrant of Fig. 1will correspond to the fourth quadrant of Fig. 2. The only effective way of increasing the economic efficiency is the fourth quadrant; the third, the second and the first can follow him. If at the current moment the enterprise lacks the directions of development shown in the fourth quadrant, it is necessary to consider the current steps from the third quadrant, and their usefulness depending on the value of expenses. To identify the effective way of development, it is necessary to analyze and rank sales activity.
                The sales function: the organization of merchandising, the service organization, the organization of demand generation system and sales promotion, holding a telic commercial policy, holding a telic pricing policy. [‎1]
    Let us set the sub functions denominations[‎5]:
    S1 - Organization of goods movement system.
    S2 - The organization of service.
    S3 - Organization of demand generation system and of sales promotion.
    S4 – Undertaking a telic trade policy.
    S5 – Undertaking a telic pricing policy.
    I - important
    i - non -important
    U - urgent
    u - not urgent
                The developed methodology was approved on enterprise SRL "EVM-Angro" (Chisinau) in 2013. In this publication, let us consider the evaluation of marketing activity in the company SRL "EVM-Angro" (Chisinau) in 2013 Table 1.
    Table 1. The evaluation system of the potential of importance in 2013
    Sales sub functions of marketing Components of marketing sales sub functions How important and urgent
    1 2 3
      Creating such conditions for the product to be there where it is needed I u
      Creating such conditions for the product to be there at the time when it is needed I u
    S1 Creating such conditions for the product to be there at those quantities in which it is required I u
      Creating such conditions for the product to be there and of such quality  ( it refers to safety during the shipment) that is expected by the customer I u
      Organization of the optimal storage equipment I u
      Development of the wholesale network I u
      Development of the retail network I u
      Analysis of the foreign commerce possibilities I u
      Properly organized service I u
    S2 Product maintenance throughout its life cycle at the customer I u
      Service improvement I u
      Well-timed delivery I u
      Readiness for a quick defects replacement I u
      Reasonable choice of the sales channel type I u
      Optimization of the sales channels I u
      Readiness for the individual satisfaction of a demand I u
      Evaluation of the competitors’ activity according to the personal sales I u
    S 3 Planning the sales policy of the enterprise I u
      Choice of the sales strategy I u
      Consideration of the marketing strategy I u
      Creating the intermediaries’ interest in collaboration I u
    Table 1continued
    1 2 3
    S4 Trade policy, in which  targeted actions of the enterprise administration are defined and built on such principles by which the efficient, according to the commercial point of view, formation of the nomenclature, products range and planned sales are ensured U i
    Elaboration and implementation of product policy should be based on a good knowledge of the markets (the ambient) U i
    Elaboration and implementation of commercial policy should be based on a good knowledge of the enterprise opportunities (internal environment) U i
    S5 Prices providing the planned profit for the company U i
    Prices that ensure to an enterprise the possession of a certain market share U i
    Prices that ensure for the company the implementation of a product in a certain phase of its life cycle U i
    Prices that ensure the company competitiveness U i
    Prices that ensure the planned revenue for the company U i
    Based on the undertaken study, the following conclusions can be drawn:
    1. In the organization of the goods movement system one should pay attention to the development of wholesale and retail networks, to maintain the optimal stocks, monitor the work of a system that provides the necessary assortment of goods at the proper place at the proper time. As a result, there has been developed and implemented a program for the optimization of: the number, variety and availability at the proper time.
    2. In the service organization one should pay attention to the development of the service, to the well-timed delivery and to allocation of the issues related with the customers to a primary priority task. There was introduced a system of individual analysis and clients’ comments monitoring. The regular analysis of the sale channels optimization is held.
    3. In the organization of the generating demand and sales promotion system one should pay attention to the development of marketing policy, to the sales strategies with the marketing strategy consideration. One should develop a system of a greater intermediaries’ interest in collaboration.
    4. In the organization of a telic commercial policy one should fix the selection of an assortment with the consideration of a seasonality of the internal and external environment.
    5. In the organization of a telic pricing policy one should fix the conditions of the prices decrease and increase, to distinguish the algorithms for identifying the goods assortment for which the prices should be changed. One should select the actions to be taken with the new temporary operational objectives appearance, with the consideration of the planned profit, the ones that ensure the enterprise competitiveness.
                The following polygon Fig. 3. will help to evaluate the current situation and the desired perspectives of development in order to increase the economic efficiency.

    Fig. 3. Polygon of the development perspective
                From the above told, it can be concluded that the developed assessment provides:
    1. Scheduling the way of the enterprise effective development;
    2. Formation of the development priority tasks;
    3. Performing the analysis at any stage of activity;
    4. Performing the analysis of competitors;
    5. Undertaking the specific actions for the economic efficiency improvement.
                The actual investigation demonstrates the economical need of implementation the marketing activity evaluation. Besides, it is simple and practical, and that is why it can be used not only by a marketing specialist but also by the director, who has a more broad view, based on many issues, of the economic efficiency of enterprises. The evaluation and development in the chosen direction will adjust the chosen strategy, which allows the company to increase revenue and profit, and a thorough strategy formulation brings a significant economic effect at least because of the policy coordination (if not actions) of the company subdivisions and its orientation towards some common set of objectives [ ‎3, c. 23].

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